From left to right

My name is priya hiralal, i am 21 years old.

Swimming, dancing and watching are my hobby’s

I am also studying ICT in education at the Institute and voor de opleiding van leraren (i.o.l)

The reason why I have chosen for high blood pressure is because, it is known as one of the top causes of death due to sickness today.

My name is Georgetine, my hobby’s are swimming, music and I also like travel and adventure. I hope we can help fighting this disease in our country by doing this assignment.

My name is Maria and doing ICT in Education is really a challenge for me. With this assignment I hope that we can bring a better healthy lifestyle for our country. And that those in need can have a benefit from it. As we’ve learned “failing is a way to do better”.

My name is Channa, study ICT in education at the IOL ,love reading and love to spend time with my family. I’m a lover nature. With this assignment we want to make people more aware of the risks of high blood pressure.

My name is Radjinderpersad,my hobby’s are reading, researching and thinking.I hope with this assignment we can contribute to the fighting of high-blood pressure.

My name is Zyela and my hobby’s are art and music, but I occasionally find myself reading randomly from romans to scientific journals. I chose for the Health collaboration stimulated in the course ICT in education, because I believe it is a matter we should think critically about more often. If we are moving into an period where knowledge becomes a priority than considering health there is a lot we (the general public) overlook.

Why we choose for high blood pressure is because in Suriname this is one of the top 2 diseases we are facing the last period. Almost every person in our country is somehow related to a person with this disease. One of our member’s  late grandmother died because of this disease. Her parents in law also has to face this disease. So we hope that we can do something to remedy this.